Electric chainsaws or gasoline chainsaws? Which to Buy ?

Before buying your chainsaw it is important that you compare and be clear about which model can be best adapted to your needs.

Electric chainsaws

To begin, we have to say that electric chainsaws are perfect to save money on your purchase and especially to enjoy it without having to go for gasoline for its operation. That is why we can say that they are perfect for domestic and occasional use.

Of course, when using the same must take into account not to cut the cable, while you have to take into account that they have less power than gasoline. In addition, you have to have extensions to be able to give the energy that the machine needs to prune the trees. Safety is very important while using an electric chainsaw, it always recommended to use the best chainsaw helmet for safe use.

Gasoline chainsaws

On the other hand, gasoline chainsaws stand out for adapting to all types of work, both casual and professional. In addition, this model will give you good autonomy and above all will allow you to have freedom of movement because they are not subject to any cables.

Of course, you have to take into account, when buying a professional or private gasoline chainsaw, that they are a bit more expensive and you have to have gasoline on hand to get them to work. To this, we must add that they need oil for proper operation and repairs are a bit more expensive than those of chainsaws.

Best recommended chainsaw

For this reason, I recommend that you buy an electric chainsaw if you are going to use it occasionally to perform a few prunings a year, while, if you are going to use it more intensively, the best thing you can do is bet on those of gasoline. Of course, if you are going to do the pruning in the field and therefore you will not have a plug at hand, the decision is clear, you will have to bet on the gasoline models.

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