Coronavirus has killed three members of a family and sickened four other people

According to the recent reports of The New York Times, a mother in New Jersey has reportedly died due to coronavirus. Prior to her death, the mother didn’t have any idea that a couple of her children have also been affected by the deadly virus.

The 73-year-old mother, Grace Fusco took her last breath on Wednesday. Moreover, Grace was completely unaware of the demise of son and daughter from the life-threatening Covid-19 which is the result of Coronavirus.

One of the relatives conveyed the newspaper that all the children have Coronavirus. Moreover, the children who are detected with Coronavirus will be confined to a hospital. Additionally, three of the children are in severe condition. All the municipalities have been close including the njmcdirect ticket paying portal.

What is the origin of Coronavirus in the New Jersey family?

Sources are suggesting that the infection has a point of origin from a family dinner which was held some time this month. Sources are also suggesting that the first person in New Jersey who has died from Coronavirus was one of the attendees of the dinner.

55-year-old Rita Fusco-Jackson, the oldest daughter of Grace Fusco has died from Coronavirus on Friday, last week. This week on Wednesday, her oldest son namely, Carmine Fusco residing in Bath, Pennsylvania became a recent victim of Coronavirus.

As of now, around 20 of the relatives have been put into quarantine at their respective homes. In addition to this, at the time of peril, they are grieving for the loss of their loved ones who perished from the recent pandemic virus, Covid-19.

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