12 tricks to remove a gum stuck in the hair

Accidents happen more often than we can think. Therefore, it may be interesting to know in advance some tricks to remove a gum stuck in the hair.

Continue reading and discover our best tips to avoid cutting that lock of hair stuck with a gum. As you read, going to the hairdresser should be your last option. Before visiting, try these ideas to solve the problem.

How to remove gum stuck in the hair

Children love to make gum balloons, the bigger the better! And this leads to accidents because when they burst they can stick to the hair. His and yours too. Next, we share with you some tricks to remove the gum without damaging your hair and without cutting it.

1. Separate the affected tuft

The first step to remove a gum stuck in the hair is to separate the affected strand from the rest. Use an elastic band, a piece of aluminum foil or whatever you have on hand to prevent more and more strands from being affected by chewing gum.

2. Use ice to remove a gum stuck in the hair

The idea is as simple as practical. Take ice and freeze the gum. It will take several minutes to achieve it. Working the gum with ice until it hardens and then remove it piece by piece with your fingers.

3. Apply olive oil

Wet your hair with olive oil (you can use another cooking oil too) until soaking it well. The oiliness of the oil will help the gum slip through the strands of your hair. With the help of a fine-tooth comb, remove the gum little by little. Wash the hair to remove the remains of olive oil.

4. Vaseline

Like olive oil, petroleum jelly is a lubricant and can help take off the gum from the hair little by little. Spread your hair well with petroleum jelly, let it act and remove the gum very slowly to avoid hurting your hair.

5. Toothpaste

You may have never thought about it before but the toothpaste can help you remove a gum stuck in your hair. Its creaminess may be what you need to loosen the gum and gently remove it.

6. Combing cream

We have already talked about the usefulness of lubricants to help peel gum from hair. In this case, we suggest you use your cream to comb. The use is carried out the same as with olive oil or petroleum jelly.

7. Hair silicone

If you have silicone hair at home, do not hesitate to use it to try to solve this problem. It is a strong lubricant that could help you remove gum from your hair. It proceeds as in point three.

8. Remove a gum stuck in the hair with alcohol

This is a very common trick, although a little is less effective than the previous ones. We recommend you try it ultimately since alcohol can dry your hair a lot. The treatment is similar to the previous ideas: soak the tuft affected by the gum with alcohol, let it act for a couple of minutes and slowly remove it.

9. White vinegar

In this case, the idea is not to remove the gum, but to dissolve it. To do this, soak the affected tuft with white vinegar, let it act for a couple of minutes and remove the gum with your fingers little by little. If there are still remains, repeat the procedure. Wash your hair after cleaning.

10. Lemon juice to remove a gum stuck in the hair

Lemon is another natural solvent that may be useful. Squeeze the lemon and use the juice, in the same manner, indicated for vinegar. Slowly, the gum should dissolve allowing it to be removed from the hair.

11. Mayonnaise

Another fairly common recommendation to remove a gum stuck in the hair is to place a little mayonnaise on it. Mayonnaise is considered to be a solvent and should act in the same manner as the two substances described in the previous points.

12. Sodium bicarbonate

We have talked countless times about the benefits of baking soda in household cleaning. In this case, we suggest mixing two tablespoons of baking soda in half a glass of water and applying it to the hair to slowly dissolve the gum. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary.

Removing a gum stuck in the hair may seem like an impossible mission but, as you can see, there are many tricks you can try before resorting to the hairdresser. We hope you find them useful and can solve this problem without cutting your hair!

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